Voice Mail

A start-up password was provided to you by Pain Point IT Solutions for your voice mailbox when you account was created.

To set up your voice mail the first time, simply dial *99 from your phone and follow the prompts.

You will want to record a personal greeting for either, or all of ALL, BUSY, or NO ANSWER calls. You can change your password as well.

You can also set up the way your voice mail is relayed on the On-Line Jive Account you created.

After you log in, you will see and be able to listen to your voice mails from the web-portal, and also click on “Voicemail Settings” to have voice mails that are left for you automatically sent to an e-mail ad-dress.

You can change your voice mail password here as well.

In the event that you need your password reset, or need further assistance, you can always open a ticket with us.

Pain Point IT Solutions Support Desk
On-Line Ticketing: http://support.painpointitsolutions.com/support/home
Phone: 845-249-2889 Option 1